Ibiza are you ready
for Cafe Gato?

At Café Gato you will be able to eat delicious homemade cake,
drink local coffee, relax and calm down in the company of cats.
And by spending a good time - you will help the homeless cats of Ibiza 💙

Best Coffee and Cake

Fresh home made
cake & cookies

For Cat Lovers

Spend some time with cats and support our community

Cat Boutique

Shop and support homeless cats


My name is Agata,
I am a cat lover. 

 My name is Agata, I am a cat lover.
I would like to invite you and jointly create a new place on the map of the Island.

I want to create a cafe where Ibiza cats will live all year long, until they are ready for adoption. I am starting this project in good faith, in order to promote positive practices of helping animals. I dream of a place where cats will feel at home, where every cat will find their own warm corner and maybe their best friend in the future.

Something like a modern extension of a pet shelter, but instead of cages, cats will live in furnished rooms, where they will learn what is a couch, sofa, armchairs, carpet and what the toilet is for. Getting used to the home conditions at Café Gato will help to reduce the risk of throwing the adopted cat back onto the street and increase the chance of a real home and family forever.

When somecat will be lucky and gets adopted, then the next resident will jump into Cafe Gato. 


Cat Community

I am so excited to start saving cats in Ibiza and can’t wait to open up a new amazing space for homeless cats. 

We will take care of 10 local cats.

Every cat will receive from us a lot of love, food, warmth and treatment if necessary. They will never worry about an empty tummy anymore. 

I really want to build this amazing space, that will help rescue and socialize cats. I want Café Gato to be a beautiful experience for everyone.

For cats and cat lovers 💙

4 Reasons to Support Cafe Gato

I wish Café Gato will be a good experience for everyone.
I really count on your financial support in co-creating this unique place. 

I believe that the finale will be the opening of the cafe and I will meet all cat lovers in person!   💙



Help the Ibiza Cat community.



We will have a cozy space where our cats can be socialized and get used to home conditions give them a better chance at adoption.



We would like to unite the animal world with creative people from Ibiza with our Catelier.



Always home made with fresh ingredients. 

Cafe Gato Ibiza

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We are proud of our coffee

There is nothing to write here, it justs needs to be tasted...

Our Cafe


Cat Residents

Lets help the homeless cat community together!



We creatives meet & co-create!

Great Coffee

Relax and enjoy the smell of coffee and delicious cake

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